Ajibikoka Falls

To reach the waterfall, travel north on US45 from Watersmeet, then head west on GCR 206. Follow Forest Road 5120 along the western side of Brush Lake for approximately half a mile. Afterwards, take a compass reading and proceed with a northeast hike.

Intermediate to Difficult Hike

Ajibikoka Falls, situated in Ottawa National Forest, is an untamed waterfall characterized by a multi-step cascade, descending approximately 35 feet within a 40-foot span. Accessing the falls does not involve a designated trail; instead, an old forest road leads you in the vicinity, but the final hundred yards or so require independent navigation.

Originating from Brush Lake, the falls serve as its outlet, providing a vantage point from the top to observe the lake. The terrain surrounding and below the falls is marshy, with a sizable pool hindering a clear view of the falls’ base. To obtain an unobstructed view, crossing the falls becomes necessary.