Ontonagon County Airport (also known as Ontonagon County Schuster Field) is a public-use airport located in Ontonagon, Michigan. The airport serves the Ontonagon County area in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Ontonagon County Airport primarily serves the local aviation community and is not equipped for commercial passenger flights.

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Location: Ontonagon County Airport is situated in Ontonagon, a small town in the western Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The airport’s address is 34010 Airpark Drive, Ontonagon, MI 49953.

Facilities: The airport has a single runway, Runway 7/25, which is approximately 4,297 feet in length. The airport is used for general aviation purposes, including private and recreational flying.

Services: While Ontonagon County Airport is a smaller airport and does not offer commercial passenger service, it provides valuable services to the local community. These services include fueling facilities, hangar rentals, and aircraft maintenance services.

On-Site Businesses: There are local businesses, including flight schools and aviation services, located at the airport that cater to the needs of pilots and aviation enthusiasts.

Events: The airport occasionally hosts aviation-related events and activities, providing opportunities for the local community to engage with aviation and learn more about flying.

Proximity to Ontonagon: The airport is conveniently located just a short drive from downtown Ontonagon, making it accessible to residents and visitors interested in general aviation or private flying.

Scenic Beauty: The airport is surrounded by the natural beauty of the Upper Peninsula. Visitors arriving or departing from the airport are treated to picturesque views of the region’s forests, lakes, and the stunning shores of Lake Superior.