8 Proposal or Wedding Places in the Porcupine Mountains

Are you seeking the perfect backdrop for your proposal or wedding in the picturesque Ontonagon County, Michigan? Explore the diverse landscapes and charming venues this region has to offer, ensuring your special moment is nothing short of magical. Here are the top 8 enchanting locations to consider:


bond falls ontonagon county michigan

1. Bond Falls Scenic Site

Delight in the beauty of Bond Falls, where the cascading waters create a mesmerizing atmosphere. Propose against the backdrop of these stunning waterfalls, or exchange vows in a serene setting surrounded by lush greenery and the soothing sounds of nature. If you plan to do so in the spring, beware the falls might be at peak flow making it hard to hear when you’re close. Here are other local waterfalls that would make a stunning backdrop.


wedding proposal at lake of the clouds porcupine mountains michigan

2. Lake of the Clouds

Set within the breathtaking scenery of the Porcupine Mountains, Lake of the Clouds offers a romantic setting for your special day in any season. Whether you choose to propose overlooking the lake and river or exchange vows with sweeping views of the forested hills, this iconic location is sure to leave a lasting impression. We recommend either a fall or summer wedding here!


old growth forest near porcupine mountains

3. Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park

Immerse yourselves in the beauty of nature as you celebrate your love in the vast wilderness of the Porcupine Mountains. Choose from a variety of scenic spots within the park for your proposal or wedding ceremony, from hidden overlooks to dreamy forest clearings. Hike one of the many trails so you can enjoy your shared love in privacy.


4. Ontonagon Lighthouse

Embrace the charm of the Ontonagon Lighthouse for an unforgettable proposal or wedding. Located on the shores of Lake Superior, this historic landmark provides a picturesque backdrop for your romantic moment, with the calming waves lending an air of romance. Make sure to schedule ahead to ensure the lighthouse will be open if you plan to use the facilities inside.


marriage proposal porcupine mountains ontonagon michigan

5. Presque Isle River Waterfalls

Discover the exciting opportunities at the Presque Isle River with its captivating waterfalls. Whether you prefer the intimate setting of Nawadaha Falls or the grandeur of Manido Falls, these natural wonders offer an idyllic backdrop for a memorable proposal or wedding ceremony. You could make a full day of this endeavor with a romantic picnic at the mouth of the river.


lake superior beach ontonagon michigan porcupine mountains

6. Lake Superior Shoreline

Soak in the romance of Lake Superior’s pristine shoreline as you exchange vows or pop the question on one of its many secluded beaches. From sandy shores to rocky outcrops, the expansive beauty of the lake provides countless opportunities for a romantic and intimate celebration. Maybe during a rock hunt someone stumbles across a tiny box with something special in it! (a ring)


kayaking ontonagon michigan porcupine mountains

7. Union Bay Campground

Take in the natural beauty of the Union Bay Campground for a rustic yet romantic celebration or proposal. Choose one of the scenic spots along the shoreline on ancient rocks or within the towering pines for your proposal or wedding ceremony. There’s nothing more enchanting than being surrounded by the serene beauty of the forest and Lake Superior.


summit peak proposal

8. The Overlook at Summit Peak

Reach new heights of romance at the highest point within the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park, Summit Peak Observation Tower. Propose with the backdrop of miles of forest or exchange vows beneath the canopy of trees. Make sure to experience this hike and tower climb ahead of time to prepare others, or yourself, for the trek.


From majestic waterfalls to historic landmarks, Ontonagon County offers an array of enchanting locations for your proposal or wedding. Let the natural beauty and charm of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula create the perfect backdrop for your love story to unfold.


Permits for Outdoor Weddings

Before you get married in nature, make sure to obtain the proper permits. Each state park has its own regulations and requirements for outdoor weddings and events. You might need a special use permit from the local park authorities. This permit will have the date, time, location, and any rules you must follow during your event. Be sure to apply in advance to allow for processing time. See more details from the State of Michigan here.

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