Winter Wonderland Adventures in Ontonagon, MI

As the first snowflakes gently blanket the Ontonagon area, it transforms into a winter wonderland, offering a plethora of activities that celebrate the beauty of the season. Let’s explore the diverse and enchanting winter activities that make the Porcupine Mountains and Ontonagon area a destination for cold-weather enthusiasts.


snowshoe in upper peninsula of Michigan in winter by lake superior

Snowshoeing Through Winter Serenity

The Western Upper Peninsula of Michigan boasts an extensive network of trails that beckon snowshoers to explore the winter landscape. From the scenic shores of Lake Superior to the secluded paths of the Porcupine Mountains and Ottawa National Forest, snowshoeing provides a serene and immersive way to experience the tranquil beauty of the snow-covered outdoors. Imagine exploring a snow-muffled landscape where all you can hear is the trees rustling in the wind, animals communicating, and maybe the pant of your own breath.


cross country ski in ontonagon michigan porcupine mountains

Cross-Country Skiing Trails

For those seeking the thrill of gliding through snow-covered forests and meadows, cross-country skiing is a popular winter activity in Ontonagon. With groomed trails that wind through the picturesque landscapes, both beginners and seasoned skiers can enjoy the invigorating experience of traversing the winter wonderland. Two of the best groomed trails are near the entrance of the Porcupine Mountains Winter Sports Complex.


ice fishing on lake gogebic in ontonagon county michigan

Ice Fishing on Frozen Lakes

As the lakes freeze over, ice fishing becomes a favorite pastime in the Ontonagon area. Anglers drill holes through the ice, set up their shanties, and patiently wait for the catch of the day. Whether it’s the thrill of landing a feisty fish or the camaraderie shared on the frozen lake, ice fishing is a quintessential winter activity in the region. Visit Lake Gogebic or Bob Lake for some good ice fishing!


hiking and snowmobiling lake of the clouds porcupine mountains michigan

Winter Hiking Adventures

The hiking trails that meander through Ontonagon County take on a new allure in winter. Explore the serene forests and discover hidden gems like frozen waterfalls and snow-covered vistas. Bundle up, lace up your boots, and embark on a winter hiking adventure to witness the beauty that the colder months bring to the landscape. The contrast of green coniferous trees and white snow creates a beauty like no other!


sledding at adventure mountain

Sledding and Tobogganing Fun

For families and thrill-seekers alike, the hills around Ontonagon are perfect for sledding and tobogganing. The simple joy of speeding down snow-covered slopes is a timeless winter activity that brings laughter and smiles to both young and old. At Adventure Mountain you can use the tow rope with your sled to avoid overheating (and getting tired) with each walk to the top of the hill.


ski at porcupine mountains winter sports complex

Community Events and Festivals

Winter in Ontonagon is not just about outdoor adventures; it’s also a time for community spirit. Local events and winter festivals bring the town together, featuring activities such as lantern-lit trails, snowmobiling races, and festive gatherings. It’s an opportunity for residents and visitors alike to celebrate the season and share in the warmth of community. Be sure to add these winter events to your calendar!


Retreats and Fireside Comfort

After a day of winter exploration, Ontonagon offers a variety of cozy retreats and lodges where you can unwind by the fireplace. The warmth of the fire, coupled with panoramic views of the snow-covered landscapes, creates the perfect setting for relaxation and reflection.


Ontonagon, MI, in winter is a captivating destination for those who appreciate the unique charm and activities that the colder months bring. Whether you’re seeking the thrill of outdoor adventures or the warmth of community festivities, the Porcupine Mountains and Ontonagon area has something for everyone. Embrace the season, bundle up, and let the magic of winter unfold in this delightful corner of Michigan’s Western Upper Peninsula.